Setting Meta Data on a Delegated Upload

Is it possible to set meta data with a delegated video upload?

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Great question. Yes you ca - there are just a few simple steps to make it all work.

  1. Create a videoId for the video you’d like to upload - with all the attributes you want for the video (in your case metadata).
  2. send this videoId to the webpage where the user will do the delegated upload.
  3. User uploads the video INTO the videoId with the metadata already set.

You can try out the demo (it uses other video parameters than metadata, but it’s the same idea) at The code is on Github (link at the demo), and we’ve blogged about it as well:

Doug… thanks for the prompt and informative response. We implemented this on the backend of our project today and will implement on the frontend early next week. I’ll report back to let you know how it went.

A bit delayed but wanted to report that this worked perfectly. Thanks again!