Adaptive Streaming

Hello, I have just successfully tested a live stream from OBS using Everything worked very well, I saw my stream in full hd on the given address. One thing I did not find. Adaptive streaming didn’t work for me, so in the stream player I couldn’t set an alternative resolution, and it didn’t switch by itself when I limited the bandwidth in my playing browser. The stream was very jerky, and it has constantly reloaded. How can I solve this so that users who have limited bandwidth can see my stream in a smaller resolution?

Translated with (free version)

HI @ansgar

Thanks for the post, and sorry for any delay in reply.

How are you doing your testing? I just watched a livestream with Chrome. Using devTools, I am able to resize the viewer, and see the bitrate change. I also changed the network conditions, and I saw the bitrate increase and decrease based on that.

I recorded my screen, so you can see how it worked for me:

Thank you for your very helpful video! Now I know where to look at when I’m playing around with this. Since I saw no UI for the different bit rates, I thought that it isn’t there.