Allow to store public thumbnails for private videos

It would be nice and useful to have the possibility to save extra public thumbnails for private videos somehow and use them later to present those private videos to users without actual valid URLs for private ones.

This feature would allow keeping all relevant data together in the same place (together with the videos) and not saving them somewhere else, which should lead to a simpler application environment.

The solution, how to relate the identification between private videos and their public thumbnails, can be realized differently. Still, the simplest one would be probably using “videoId” again, now with a new parameter syntax. This new feature shouldn’t compromise the security of such private videos in any way.

Thanks for your opinions.

This is a very interesting idea, and I am planning to add it to our development backlog.

In terms of implementation, which would be more interesting to you?

  1. 2 thumbnails: One private, one public:

  2. The ability to have a private video, but a public thumbnail? Essentially add a param publicThumbnail that is only called when a video is private:

publicThumbnail: true [defaults to false]



It’s nice to hear that it sounds interesting to you and your team.

Both variants sound good. If thinking more deeply, then the first one promises probably more flexibility. I mean that for some projects it could sound meaningful to have different thumbnails for a public and private audience because both sides can see only what is necessary (either from the security or marketing point of view).

Do you have any guess about the timeframe to introduce this feature? I am asking about it because we need to plan related parts on our project side. If we are talking about ~ 4 months, it’s fine, but if it means more then we probably need to create separated functionality and storage for it.

Thanks for your answer.