Possibility to set a time limited access to private videos

Because of the idea to concentrate all resources on the same place, it would be great to have the possibility to set an exact time point on a private video that would play as a strict limit for its public viewing till this point, when set. It would allow the straightforward and easy implementation of the “trial” mode on the same resource. It could work with the same simple syntax as a public: https://cdn.api.video/vod/vitkytkieTnEvUjKE0VQpd2, and the server knows when to stop playing.

PS: The idea is the same as “public thumbnails” on private videos.



I see where you are going with this - the same video ID - but subscribers get one video, and non-subscribers get a shorter version.

We have roadmapped ‘preview videos’ where a short looping version of the video is available (as opposed to the thumbnail). Would a private video with a public preview video solve what you are looking for?

In the meantime, you can create a 2nd public video with your “trial” version that you display to non-subscribers, in addition to the “full” private video


The idea of the “preview video” sounds good and usable enough. The only difference could be the fact that setting a blocking time point on an already existing video is a faster (and more dynamic) operation than creating a new separate preview video, uploading it, … especially in cases when you don’t really need a different version, but you need to limit only the full access during a trial period.

PS: Your note about the 2nd public video as that preview is logical and probably the only way now.

I am trying to consider all factors, including time and cost, when implementing these features in applications based on API.VIDEO services.



Thanks for the feedback. In terms of costs for adding a 2nd public preview video:

if your previews are 15s long:
Transcoding will be ~ $0.0107 (we bill VOD in 4 second chunks, so, you’d be billed fo 16s not exactly 1/4 of a minute)
Monthly storage: $0.0008

Delivery - this will be the same cost - if it is a “public segment” of a private video, or a second public video.

While generating the 2nd video on your side will have overhead, from the api.video side the incremental cost is just over 1 US cent per 15 seconds of preview video.

Yep. I meant mainly the maintenance cost related to creating the 2nd video and so … not cost related to viewing actions of users.