What’s the difference between Private and Public vídeos?

Hello, thank you for the amazing API. I never implemented an API so easy in my whole career.

I’m using the SDK PHP and I want to understand more the difference between private (setPrivate(id)) and public (setPublic(id)) videos on your platform.

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves

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Hi Renato,

Thanks for this comment. It really means a lot to us! Feedback from our users are extremely important, it helps us building a better API.
To answer your question, private video gives access to only specific audience, meaning the video endpoint won’t be public. You can post a private video directly when posting your video by adding it to your body.
Private videos cannot be shared. Each time someone wants to watch a private video, a token is generated. As soon as this token is consumed, the video cannot be shared or watched on another web page or website without generating a new token.
On the contrary public videos can be watched by anyone.

Please don’t hesitate to share any tips with the community or give us suggestion to improve the web-service!
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