Access to videos only to users authenticated to the app

Hi everyone, I am new to the world of apivideo, I don’t know if a similar question has already been asked: I am making a web app and I would like to know if there is a way to make videos visible only to a logged in user?

Of course. Just make an if statement that checks whether or not the user is logged in. If he/she is, then run the block of code that shows the video.

By any chance, could you share what programming language or what medium are you trying to achieve this in?

As @raphaelpabicopadua said, to make a video visible to a specific group of users you must create a condition in your web app for logged in users and if the condition is met then you run the code that contains the video.

Hi guys, first of all thank you for your answers. I mean that, got the url of the video, then just open a tab in the browser and you can see it. I would like instead that only from the web app/ mobile app you can view it. I read that I can set the video to private when a user uploads it, however then how do I make that all other logged in users can see it and not just a small group? Maybe I am not clear on the concept of private video (for Raphael: i’m using node js and javascript as languages)

Hi there, In this case I recommend you to take a look at this tutorial where we talk about private videos and also this article in the Private Tokens section. If something is still not clear to you do not hesitate to leave your question in the thread.

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