Contentful Apps Privacy Setting

Hello All,

We looked at as our solution because of the included Contentful App. However we’ve run into an issue with the uploader. There doesnt seem to be a way to set the video as private when going through Contentful. This means if we’re building an app behind a login state we can’t protect the video if the editor uploads through Contentful.

Are there plans to allow you to set privacy from within the Contenful API and provide the token via contentful to pull in private videos?

Hi there,

which App are you referring to?, could you please indicate which uploader/programming language are you using? so we can help you with your question :slightly_smiling_face:

The app is Contentful’s API Video app. You can find it here:

It allows editors from within Contentful to upload video content directly to API video. This is an internal app so I’m not sure what your team is using to implement in terms of language

I hadn’t understood what you meant at the beginning or what you were referring to (my bad sorry :sweat_smile: ).
Unfortunately, what you were referring to at the beginning is not possible. Adding an option to create private videos would be simple enough, but allowing to play the private video would require generating a new token every time a user requires to play a video. That’s something we can’t do in a Contentful app (I mean calling the API every time a video resource is retrieved to put the new access token in the JSON payload).

I hope I clarified your question, if you don’t have any doubt please let me know.

That was our assumption as well so that makes complete sense. Thanks!