Can usage be segmented by my customers?

I have customers who will have their own segment of streamers, therefore I would like to segment usage per customer for billing purposes.

I’d love recommendations on how to tackle this.

Hi @user309,

We’re currently working on a multi-access workspace feature coming very soon, which may answer your need. Each workspace will have its own individual API keys and usage. However each workspace will also have its own billing and plan subscription.

In the future we plan on creating a multi-project system within each workspace under one billing account/ subscription.

In the mean time, there’s no easy way to segment usage like this for billing purposes.

Hope this answers your question

@jose can accounts and billing details be created via API?

Hi @user309,

You need to sign up on our website and can manage billing details from
However, you can log in through the API.

It would be interesting to understand why you asked about this - could you tell us more :eyes: ? We always try to see what we can improve in our product.

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