Pay as you go Plan - How many projects and members?

Hi all. We’re on the old Develop plan on our only Workspace. We’re now evaluating the creation of a new Workspace. We’re evaluating the selection of PayAsYouGo (PAYG) as billing plan for this new Workspace.
There are 3 info we’re missing before completing:

  1. With PAYG, how many projects can we create in this new Workspace, before needing to buy the first additional project as an add-on at “$50 /month per additional project”?

  2. Same question for members: how many members can we add in this new Workspace, before needing to buy the first additional member as an add-on at “$20 /month per additional member”?

  3. The new Workspace and the old one will have the same owner. We might also opt to switch the old workspace from Develop plan to PAYG plan. Will we receive one single invoice per month, with cumulated costs from the two workspaces? Or will we receive two separate invoices per month?

Hypex Admin

Off Topic:
in Pricing page, Add-ons section, the three “Contact us” buttons under " Customize your service" do not seem to work, at least on Windows in Firefox nor Chrome. Nothing happens when I click them


Thank you for choosing as your platform of choice! We’re thrilled to have you on board.
With the PAYG plan, you have access to one workspace, one project, and one seat. If you’d like to have two apps with a single invoice, you should create multiple projects within the same workspace.

Hope this addresses your questions, thanks for raising that issue on the pricing page, and do no hesitate if you need anything else!

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you confirm that - if needed - we can migrate our old Develop plan to a new PAYG plan? If so, how should we proceed?

Just as a customer feedback: everytime we’d like to have a new “container” for videos, e.g. for a new company project, we should create a new “ Project”, and hence pay a new add-on as a recurring cost. This seems very limiting in our opinion. Just our 2 cents.

Kind regards

Hi, it is possible to migrate from your Develop plan to PAYG. However, please note that the conditions of this new plan will be different. For instance, while Develop offers unlimited seats for members, PAYG requires payment for each additional member.

We appreciate the feedback you provided regarding projects, and I will forward it to the team. Nonetheless, the prices for PAYG remain as previously stated. If you wish to migrate your plan, please contact us directly via chat or at