Pricing Model Change


Apparently you changed your pricing model somewhat recently, I have not been informed of the changes but maybe I missed the info.

I tried to create a workspace to test them today and I have to choose a new plan and I wanted to be sure of something before I make a decision :

  • Now I have to pay at least $30 a month even if I don’t deliver anything ?
  • The pricing for delivery has doubled ($0.001 per minute is now $0.002 per minute)
  • The pricing for hosting has quintupled ($0.0005 per instead of $0.0001)
  • Encoding has increased too ?

I just want to make sure I got this right.

Hi Martin :grin:,

Thanks for reaching out to us, and glad to hear you have been with us a bit earlier in our company journey! We certainly value your support.

It is true our pricing model changed to manage the needs of our growing business. Now we offer more appropriate pricing based on volume. While it was lovely to grant these benefits to everyone, in the long term, the only reasonable option is scaling price alongside your growing volume.

We have maintained our original pricing but for specific volumes. If you compare the previous pricing model to the Develop plan, the cost of hosting (exceeding what is in the package already) was $0.003 per minute per month, and now it is $0.005 per minute per month. However, we offer $0.003 per minute per month at higher use volumes.

If you do not expect any delivery and feel that the Develop package’s allotted metrics are significantly off from your anticipated use, please reach out to us via chat or at, and we can address your particular case.

If you would like to discuss your case or new project, we’d be happy to hear from you!