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Hi eveyone, I have 2 questions regarding the price. I saw that for every monthly subscription choice there is always “Transcoding” included. I would like to know if :

  1. this is an automatic feature when I upload videos ? That is, every time I upload a video automatically transcode is done ?
  2. if for example (for Develop plan) I upload 180 minutes of video the first month, then the second month I upload 50 min of video, the second month I always pay $29 or $29 + $6 for going over 200 minutes of transcode
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Hello @simoneabate94 ,

  1. All the videos you upload in must go through this transcoding process, if you want to know more about what this means I invite to visit our Glossary

  2. Each month has a quota of minutes for transcoding, in the case you mention if the first month you only use 180 minutes, the next month you will pay $29 and you will have 200 minutes again, we will only charge you extra if in one month you upload more than 200 minutes or if you reach the maximum minutes stored (hosting) or if the amount of minutes viewed by your users exceeds the quota of the plan in a month (delivery).

We invite you to ask such questions in our chat so you can get a quick and direct explanation from one of our colleagues.


Hi @diego , perfect, you solved my doubts. Thank you very much.