Live streaming functionality

when I try to use live streaming functionality, the video frame is black and loading forever


<?php require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; $client = new ApiVideo\Client\Client('57Bl8kdOpa5xRpEj9RK1H3HIJcousVbOmYXAKkZvKra'); $live = $client->lives->create('My Live'); echo $live->liveStreamId; echo $live->streamKey; ?> ... ... <?php echo $live->assets['iframe'] ?> ...

It’s looks like you’ve created your first live ! :slight_smile: Well done
You have to send your live with an encoder, such as OBS :, it’s a free software. Then you can see your live.

so does users of my web will have to install that encoder?
I want users only to use my app and with one button click they can start the live

No, it’s only you. You have to developp your application and allow the user to create a live streaming you can find the informations here :
When you developpe your application, you can used in background OBS to encode the live streaming.

but how my users can create live stream if they did not install OBS?

I am trying to figure out this live stream thingy … :slight_smile:
Is there any way to make a live stream based just on the Webcam data or Screen share (without DBS - for example) ?

Thank you


You could push your RTMP stream via ffmep but it depends, what would you like to do exactly?
May I ask why OBS is not an option?