Simple question from a Newbie

I frequently attend online events that are broadcast live over Zoom, Webx, Instagram, and Duo. I would like to record these events and use OBS to abstract contents that I use for discussions with others. What software should I use to record the events?

OBS will do the screen recording you’re looking for, it wouldn’t be the best tool by any means to piece together an edited reel though. Would commend ensuring you have permission from the broadcaster too, for doing anything like this. Some will be happy to get their brand to a wider audience, some very much not so.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will get permission and after I have used OBS I will consider other screen recorders

If you mean what do you use to record video events use OBS. I use it and you can set it to record mp4. Works perfect.

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Thank`s for the advice. I have finished downloading and installing OBS; now have my attention focused on recording a YouTube video inside OBS. have Display Capture, Audio Input Capture, and System Sound inside a scene. What would I do next?

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